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Posted By:PARAMANAND UPADHYAY, Village:Sandiya, Pali

Lack of public transport is a major hindrance. people have to walk more than a KM to reach highway. .. Read More

Posted By:neeraj kumar, Village:, Patna

too much traffic jam .. Read More

Posted By:Bhanu Pratap, Village:keshaw puram, Mirzapur

Chhattisgarh people and tribes are still believe in superstition, they branding woman as a witch and belief of practice of witchcraft. There are so many cases of atrocities against women in the name of witchcraft. In 2005, the Chhattisgarh governmen .. Read More

Posted By:Deepak Shen, Village:bikka, Buxar

The problem is all my friends in India live in the big cities. I have no idea how I would go about visiting a village without just freaking people out and intruding. Also my Hindi is really weak :/rnrnrnEver since I began writing this book, my friend .. Read More

Posted By:Ajay Patel, Village:jajaj, Gaya

I think they don\\\'t have proper sanitation facilities, proper schools, colleges there is no facilities of some facilities like,rnrn* Proper toilet,rnrn* Transportation,rnrn* Proper roads,rnrn* Electricity,rnrn* Pure drinking water,rnrn* Banking,rnr .. Read More

Posted By:Abhimanyu pandey, Village:jahageerpur, Sonipat

There is more supply of workers than the demand. Due to this, the workers are not in a position to bargain from their employers. Hence, the wages for farm labourers are less than minimum wages.rnProduction can be increased by using HYV seeds, fertili .. Read More

Posted By:Shiva Prasad Singh, Village:avadah, Azamgarh

The educational status of the people in the villages of India is not so good, some of the villages even don’t have school. There are no water supply, no indoor toilets and no electricity. River water, well or hand pump are the main source of water. .. Read More

Posted By:Shinha kumar, Village:bvv22, Banka

I have a form in my site.rnrnThis the user register one missing person. I created a custom post type missing person, custom taxonomies and custom fields. All this input\\\'s save as well in wp. .. Read More