Trust’s Aim & Objectives

Promotion and development of villages, rural areas, urban areas and under devloped areas in the country.Promotion, protection, aiding and stimulation of trade and commerce.
Promotion of social education and industry.
Construction of Dharamshala, orphans Home, Old age homes.
Protection, promotion and advancement in the field of agriculture in India and to improve the lot of farming community.
To promote,, encourage and protect the interests of persons engaged in bank and pawn brokers trade.
Rehabilitating economically handicapped women and destitute by giving them suitable employment.
Work for Dalit / Women / Child.
Empowerment, encourage sports, cultural, creative, service, humanitarian activities to develop social, cultural awareness. comradeship, fraternity and spirit among rural / urban youth, strive for the eradication of illiteracy by establishing adult education canters.
To help in promoting literacy, educational development, technical and moral education.
To provide training programmes.
To strive for youth Welfare and Youth Empowerment.
Co-ordinating the system of road transport services.
To work for welfare and interests of migrant population, disable, aged, widow, orphan, labour / workers and help in promotion of handicrafts, artisans, drama, regional arts, puppets, fine arts.
Promotion and development of micro, small, medium, cottage and rural industries.